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Santa, Reindeer, Christmas Tree: A Fun & Simple Christmas Game

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Thanks very much for checking out our first blog post for Language Teaching Professionals. Our goal with our posts is to provide you with hands-on, useful ideas and materials for teaching Young Learners of English that you can quickly and easily introduce into your classroom. We intend on writing about a wide variety of topics including games, reading and writing, using music in the classroom, classroom management and lots more. So, hopefully there’ll be something for everyone. Please do stop by and check out our posts regularly, as we’ll be posting once a month. Anyway, enough of the formal stuff, let’s get into this month’s post!



  •  To add a fun and educational game to Christmas classes/parties

Materials Required:

  • Santa, reindeer, Christmas tree flash cards (available here)
  • Song: Santa, Reindeer, Christmas Tree (available here)


  • Vocabulary: Santa, reindeer, Christmas tree


With Christmas rapidly approaching, many of us are starting to think about ideas and activities for this year’s Christmas parties/classes. I’d like to share a game with you that we’ll be using in our Christmas classes this year called `Santa, Reindeer, Christmas Tree’. This is a simple and fun game and is a Christmas variation of the classic `Rock, Scissors, Paper’ game. The game takes very little preparation time and the only materials needed are Santa, reindeer and Christmas tree flash cards to pre-teach the vocabulary (you can download a free set of Christmas flash cards from our website at here).


This game also comes with Christmas music, as it’s incorporated into a Fun Kids English song of the same name, `Santa, Reindeer, Christmas Tree’. So it’s a double whammy for your Christmas classes/parties!


How the Game Works


Teach your students the gestures for Santa, reindeer and Christmas tree as seen in the pictures here:



The basic idea of the game is that when the lyrics of the song say “1, 2, 3!”, on “3” everyone (students and teacher) strikes a pose using one of the three gestures (It’s good to pause the music here so the teacher can see who is striking what pose). Any students that are striking the same pose as the teacher are out of the game (of course, as our students become more familiar with the game it’s good to have students taking the role of the teacher in the game). We continue playing the music and run through the same procedure again. Continue with this until there is one student remaining, who is the winner! In a situation such as a party where there may be many participants, simply run through the song again to find a winner.



Santa, reindeer Christmas Tree
Who will win, you or me?
Merry Christmas 1, 2, 3!
Santa, reindeer, Christmas tree


We hope you find this game both fun and helpful for your Christmas classes/parties and Merry Christmas to you and your students!


For further explanation, check out the short video explanation below. Additionally, please feel free to comment on this post. We like to hear from you and are always looking for feedback.




You can find the song, `Santa, Reindeer, Christmas Tree’ on our CD `Fun Kids Songs Volume 3’ available at the ETJ Book Service here.


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Greg Crawford

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3 Responses to Santa, Reindeer, Christmas Tree: A Fun & Simple Christmas Game

  1. Fantastic! I love this song! Thank you for showing us. I work in big kindergarten classes and I’m looking forward to trying this out during Christmas.
    Do you have any other kindergarten Christmas games you could recommend? Many thanks Greg!

    • Hey Sean,
      I’m glad you like the song and game. Please do give it a try, I think you’ll find it’ll work particularly well with a large kindergarten group. Regarding other games, my kids always love a `musical chairs’ style game for Christmas. Lots of flashcards on the floor in a big circle, corresponding small cards in a hat. Everyone dances around the circle until the music stops. Draw one of the small cards out of the hat and the student standing on the corresponding flash card is out. Continue until you have a winner 🙂 Hope this helps.

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