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Happy Valley Games: Change Places

Happy Valley Games: Change Places


This week’s game is good for introducing or reviewing vocabulary, using dialogue, and controlled practice. You need the Happy Valley flash cards for the vocabulary being reviewed.




Have two sets of matching flash cards. The students stand in circle. Give flash cards to all the students. The students hold the flash cards so that others can’t see. Choose one flash card and hold it so the students can’t see. Sing the HV1 song “Stop! Look! Ready? Go!” as everyone walks in a circle. On “Stop” everyone stops. On “Look” everyone looks at the teacher’s flash card.

T: What is it?

S: It’s a (flower).

T: Go! 

Students with (flower) flash cards change places.

Other S: What is it?

S with (flower) FC: It’s a flower.

Or have the two students with flower flash cards ask other students: What is it? 

Repeat for the remaining flash cards.


同じフラッシュカードを2セット用意します。輪になるように生徒を立たせます。フラッシュカードを生徒に配ります。生徒は他の生徒に見えないようにフラッシュカードを持ちます。先生がフラッシュカードを1枚選び、それを生徒に見えないように持ちます。HV1の「Stop! Look! Ready? Go!」を歌いながら皆で円を描きながら歩きます。“Stop”で全員止まります。“Look”で全員が先生のフラッシュカードを見ます。

T: What is it?

S: It’s a (flower).

T: Go!


別のS: What is it?

(flower)のFCを持っているS: It’s a flower.

または、flowerのカードを持った生徒二人が、別の生徒に「What is it?」と聞きます。



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