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(between October and December each year - Click here for this year's dates)

Presentations and displays

There are presentations and displays of materials for college teachers, high school teachers, elementary school teachers, kindergarten teachers, language school owners and teachersc In fact, the aim is to provide top-class presentations and displays of materials for every kind of English teacher.

The Tokyo Book Fair

TEL (The Tokyo English Language Book Fair), which has been the most popular event for English teachers in Tokyo for many years, is now combined with the Tokyo Expo.

Both famous and local speakers

The presenters at the Expos include famous authors, professors, teacher trainers, and local teachers. At every Expo presentation slots are kept to provide an opportunity for local teachers to present their ideas. If you would like to give a presentation, please don't hesitate to contact your local ETJ group.

Teaching materials of all kinds

There are comprehensive displays of materials by the major publishers such as Oxford Univeristy Press, Longman, Cambridge University Press c There are also many displays by smaller specialist publishers of English language teaching materials and by local teachers that have want to share their self-made materials.


The admission fee for ETJ members is 500 yen (paid on the day of the Expo). Non-members pay 1,000 yen. However, membership of ETJ is free, and you can join ETJ on the day of the Expo and so just payb 500 yen to enter the Expo.

Would you like to have a display or make a presentation at the Expos?

If you you are considering applying to give a presentation or having a display at one or more of the Expos, please send an e-mail to .